Things My Gal Pals Say: Part I

Lines Taken From Real E-Mail & G-Chat Convos Amongst Single Friends

*I have no idea about —–. He is def a keeper, but maybe not for me. And to be completely honest, I really need to bang this weekend and he’s the type you don’t want to rush into that stuff with. So I think I will probably be slutting it up with —–. Sex just wins over a relationship for me right now. I’m so shameless, JEEZE.

*Once I get what I want, it doesn’t look so desirable anymore.

*Let me tell you, sometimes having your period comes in handy lol.

*Keep him around, hey u never know sometimes having “special” friends in different area codes has its advantages

*Well that’s a good sign…Shows that you owned a brother in in the bedroom. Uh oh you go on girl with your bad self lol!! Def need to hear the full details

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*That’s kind of how I am thinking these days…done with the recycling.

*I hope they don’t run into each other tonight, that would really suck. But if they did I would say neither one of you are my bf so I am entitled to talk and chill with whomever I want..

*As for —– I hear ya, it does suck bc unfortunately nice guys always finish last

*But hey girl if you need ass, you better get it while you can. We are not getting any younger and we won’t be young, hot, and single forever so fuck it get slutty and go on a fucking spree!! Kudos to you!! Get —– and use him for ass, nothing wrong with it as long as you don’t get attached.

*So stressed tho bc I took those dirty pics the other day and they are still on there. Now I can’t turn the phone on to erase them bc the phone won’t turn on. So worried about bringing it to Sprint and the tech guys see the pictures or even worse save them and pass them along to people….U think they’ve probably seen worse right??

*I kind of don’t think I should say anything because he is the type of person who like, you give him an inch, he’ll take a mile. Like next thing you know I’ll be in his bed and I don’t want to open that door again.

*I was like wtf …I said to him “I am so over this pen pal bullshit.”

*U crack me up, you wrote “He was one of the ones texting me Friday who I accidentally slept with over a year ago.” Haha you said it like as if you fell and his dick accidentally slipped inside of you or something and like it was out of your control. I love it!!

*As for the crazy amount of boys I was talking to in December, my playlist has been edited way down, with —- leading the way, at least for today πŸ™‚ Changes every day with these dudes.

*“I doubt that I will be having any this wknd” —I highly doubt that, unless you get an extremely contagious disease or fall into a coma before the weekend

*Well get ready to pay up…bc this covert-op mission w/ the bb and my ex is about to be in full effect!! I can do this..I am a little rusty haven’t done two guys in a 24 hr period in a long time, but def up for the challenge lol. Hey a girl’s gotta get hers. Men can do it why can’t we. The only thing is we have to look discreet when we do it. I mean seriously girl it’s all about approach and how you get the job done lol.

*I’ve had two in 24 hours, but not where I had to worry about times overlapping! That is why I think your sitch is gonna be a challenge and I give you mad props if you pull it off. I mean, some guys are just clingers and hard to get out of the house…

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