Floral Game

I wear the lilies like a dress.

Moving to my rhythm, they creep;

their dreams are dancing in my head

and softly singing me to sleep.


Violets lick my honeyed praises,

whispering a shy spell to keep;

their laughs are hiding my black wounds

and causing skeletons to weep.


Fires slip into my shadow;

Over my happy years they leap.

I find young reasons to lie down

in wicked roses, buried deep.


—Gianina Portfolio, 2000



Lately I’ve been running my mouth off to my single girl friends about how proximity is everything. I had been dating a guy who was all-around fantastic, definitely a keeper. I really could’ve and still could become infatuated with him—if he lived closer, that is. But he lives in Connecticut. The drive is under an hour, but to me he may as well live in Europe. It’s just hard when both of you work 40+ hour weeks to have time for yourself and everything outside of work and also have time to develop what is in my book a long-distance relationship.

And I’m not the only one who thinks this. I fell really hard for a guy two years ago, who told me he gave up on it because he lived in Brooklyn and I was in Jersey. We had two rivers and Manhattan separating us. It would never work, he said. And I couldn’t help but agree; it was too far.

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Things My Gal Pals Say: Part II

*Show that Turk how us American girls do!!

*I think you have a good thing going with —-, and you don’t need to cut off —-, just put him on the back burner. He’s not long-term material, just a f*** buddy really. So keep him around but keep contact to a minimum so you don’t ruin the good thing you just started.

*I don’t really have time for men except the makeout on Saturday night in the bar kind

*Listen, guys are SUPPOSED to chase girls. That is the golden rule. They are supposed to pursue us. Relentlessly. Otherwise they’re not really into us (regardless of what they say; actions show how they feel.) He needs to man up. You know he’s got dirty on the side.

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Booty Call Rules

I’m completely twitter-challenged, but this recent trending topic had a several points worth repeating. (Thanks, Cosmo magazine!)



*Park two blocks over from the crib. I got spys.

*U can’t leave hickies above the shoulders

*Leave before the blizzard starts!

*It’s a friendship not a relationship.

*No you can’t come to the family cookout.

*Don’t even bother texting me “Happy Valentine’s Day”. What kind of operation you think this is??

*The closest you’re getting to a date is dinner and a movie…you eat me, while I watch you do it. Hope you’re hungry.

*U not getting no r n b or love songs … Only sounds u going to hear are tv infomercials or sports center

*No cuddling after

What are your rules?