Things My Gal Pals Say: Part II

*Show that Turk how us American girls do!!

*I think you have a good thing going with —-, and you don’t need to cut off —-, just put him on the back burner. He’s not long-term material, just a f*** buddy really. So keep him around but keep contact to a minimum so you don’t ruin the good thing you just started.

*I don’t really have time for men except the makeout on Saturday night in the bar kind

*Listen, guys are SUPPOSED to chase girls. That is the golden rule. They are supposed to pursue us. Relentlessly. Otherwise they’re not really into us (regardless of what they say; actions show how they feel.) He needs to man up. You know he’s got dirty on the side.

*Might hang out with him Saturday because I’d rather meet new guys than keep fraternizing with the old like Justin and Jay and everyone who’s name begins with a J. (Joel?!) What is up with me and that letter?

*I play the men they don’t play me, just like I make the men, they don’t make me lol!

*Def picking up wine tonite!! Men blow!

*As for LB I know what you mean. I hate when I know they are no good for or they are not treating me the way they should, but yet I still am soooo attracted to them. Its so fucked up how women think. Men are like chocolate, we know they are bad for us but we still want more! I feel like I always like a challenge in anything in life, not just in men. If it comes easy I don’t want it. So with men if I know that I got them wrapped around my finger than the adventure is over and it is on to the next. Then there are those guys that are the way extreme who look so good and are great lovers, but are undercover bad boys or players and those are the ones we go for. Its very rare I come across those ones that are actually genuine and that are in the middle. U know the ones that are successful, no drama like kids or ex-wives, not players romantics, great in bed, and yet have their bad boy tendencies.

*How is your playlist lookin these days?

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