Lessons Learned From My Mother

Make no apologies for being the fabulous person you are. Be open to everyone you meet (inclusive not exclusive!). People are fascinating. Oh, the things you can learn from others! Education: one of the greatest investments you can make Sometimes, cheese and crackers make a perfectly acceptable dinner. Always look presentable when you leave the […]

My Dumbphone May Be A Smartphone After All

After many months of calling my supposed “smart”phone a dumbphone, I have finally decided to cease dissing it. Though it constantly does make this editor look dumb, it has also introduced me to hilarious new phrases with its misuse of words. My favorites so far: hibernation=liberation Therefore, “hibernation season,” my name for January-April, which I’ve […]

Is Narcissism Keeping You Single?

By Wendy Atterberry (originally published on thefrisky.com 2009) It’s no secret that people are getting married later these days than in previous generations, and in this culture of hook-ups and “modern female dating anxiety,” we’re at no loss for theories that explain why. Some people say today’s twentysomethings are delaying marriage to focus on careers […]