Saying No

Going against the advice of every single person I’ve spoken to (maybe 20), I am saying NO. I don’t give a sh*t that these are hard economic times and beggars can’t be choosers—and believe me, I can’t afford to say no—but I absolutely refuse to take two steps back when I’ve taken one step forward. It’s […]

Things I Learned from the “Real” Housewives of New Jersey Last Night

A. Albie secured an apartment in Hoboken. Now it’s even easier for me to try to hit that than when I tried to get my cousin to introduce me to him. B. Triple knuckle rings exist! I am behind the times with my double-knuckles. I also feel a lot less bad about losing my zebra […]

Rated Ex

It’s A Dangerous Gamble, But Sometimes Ex Sex Is The Best Sex. Written By Gillian Telling (Originally printed in Maxim, December 2010) One of the shadiest things I ever did in college was sleep with two different guys in one day. Morally questionable, sure, but you see, one of them didn’t really count. He was […]