Saying No

Going against the advice of every single person I’ve spoken to (maybe 20), I am saying NO. I don’t give a sh*t that these are hard economic times and beggars can’t be choosers—and believe me, I can’t afford to say no—but I absolutely refuse to take two steps back when I’ve taken one step forward. It’s not so much pride or proving something, it’s simply that that chapter of my life is over.

I lived it, I loved it, but that was the past, and I don’t go back. So today I called my former CEO and said, “No. Thank you, but no thanks.”

It is frightening, but it is liberating. When push comes to shove and nothing has happened with my standing and future applications in the one month I have left to monetarily survive, that is fine with me. I’d rather work for my neighborhood shops until I either create my new career or find it within a new corporation.

I talked to my family of five other people, who were all initially negative, but after we spoke, 1/2 of them are in support of this crazy decision. (Let me note here that I have a fabulous family, but they cannot financially help me out, nor would I ever want them to.)

I have always played it safe; I have always played by the rules and done what’s been expected of me, but I just feel so against playing by the rules right now. I am getting old and I’m going to live my life by my rules, on my terms. So, as scary as it is to say “No” to the old company, I am saying “Yes” to me.

I’ve taken no one’s advice but my own on this one, but sometimes you have to take a sizeable risk that no one agrees with to get to that point where you are truly serving your purpose on this planet.

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