The Chase

I’m a bit sick of movies that have these romantic, will-stop-at-nothing-to-get-one-certain-girl-even-if-she’s-crazy guys in them. In real life, there are few of these fairy-tale princes. I’m not bashing guys; I’m simply saying that the guys in this generation don’t chase—not that much, anyway. They are more likely to just move on to the next target.

After years of being traumatized by all of the boys on the playground in elementary school—when my grandmother would say, “They chase you because they like you,” and I thought the countless bruises felt anything but “like”—I would love to accuse a man of being a skirt-chaser today. I would love to say “Catch me if you can.” What happened to the games? People are way too relaxed these days when it comes to the initial courtship—if it can even be called courtship. As women are just as likely to make the first move these days, it applies to us too. When did we all become so. . . lazy?

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