Subconsciously, They Know

Ever since I started having regular s-e-x again, it’s like men can smell it on me or something. Not literally!—I always shower before leaving the house—but something, something is definitely going on. I don’t think I look, act, or dress any differently than I always have, but men are all over me. From my block to walking up 6th ave. to work to even inside my office building itself. It happens in my ghetto grocery store, at the deli near my office, at the park I run—no territory is off-limits these days when it comes to men approaching me, YET I’ve always been here, running my routine at all these places, being me.

A decent amount of my friends love to say, “When it rains, it pours.” I have a theory that takes this a step further. Before I get into that, I should clarify: I was dating many men at the same time before I committed, so I wasn’t lacking for attention. I definitely had something going for me. During that time though, I was not hit on by nearly as many strangers as I am now. Nothing is different, except that I chose someone. So it was always raining/pouring, but why to this extent all of a sudden, where men on the street feel compelled to talk to me?

I think that guys subconsciously know—blame it on the pheromones?—when you’re getting it, and they have some primal instinct to step in and take over. I remember a lovely female colleague once saying that as soon as the engagement ring was on her finger, she was hit on more than ever in her life. A diamond is a visual clue, but I think there is something else going on—something more scientific. Nothing about my appearance says I’m taken. And I’ll reiterate that I’m not more confident-seeming than I was before and I do not look hotter. SO… What are your thoughts? Are men wired to know when females are off the market, and does that make us, in their minds, a more valuable commodity worth pursuing?

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