Lucky Pennies

It started on Father’s Day. My brother and I were on our way to our hometown to play golf with my dad and our other brothers. As we were about to get on the train, my brother leaned down and picked up a penny from the ground. All I thought was, Who is this crazy person I’m traveling with?

“It’s a lucky penny,” he said. What? He saw another and picked it up. “Here’s one for you,” he said. I put it in my pocket, not knowing why. “Haven’t you ever heard of lucky pennies?” Ummm…no.

While my golf game was certainly not stellar that day, I did have a ball marker thanks to this penny (and might I say my putting was on point!).

That was also the day my family convinced me to go to the doctor for my suspicious mole that, it turned out, was melanoma. (Now gone.)

While I’m not particularly superstitious, I started noticing pennies everywhere after that, and I began to pick them up. What followed was a season of winning, and by that I mean I had incredible luck. In the summer, I won every single contest I entered (and I don’t even enter contests!), so that meant front-row seats to a few Broadway shows, new drinking glasses for my apartment, free mag subscriptions, lots of make-up, scoring a nice apartment that was already spoken for, having the best surgeons operate on me and not having to pay for it, getting a really cool job, and having enough male suitors that I never lacked in attention.

Why bother to pick up a dirty penny, worth about nothing, especially if you are not in need? But I’ve collected so many and I’ve had so much luck since that first one. It’s almost scary how often things go my way. So I made a decision last week to STOP picking up pennies. It’s really hard because I see them and feel the urge. Who am I? But I need to spread the wealth. Other people need it more than I do at this point—not the penny, but the luck that comes with it. If only everyone could be so lucky:)

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