Interesting Observations Re: That TOM

Unfortunately being a female has some drawbacks, one of those being that monthly red devil. Don’t worry—we all know the symptoms that go with it and I’m not going to get into any of that. I have found, though, that among the horrific inconveniences this time causes on a lady’s day-to-day life, there are a few positives.

I’ll only tell the story from my personal experience, because we females vary greatly when it comes to how this particular demon affects us, and I haven’t asked any other gals about this.

Beyond the agony, agitation, and tiredness, I feel like an alpha female. I perform better at work this week more than any other in the month. I have an adrenalin rush. I have stronger, longer workouts. I have a drive and can kill anyone who comes into my path with my bare hands. I have an extreme hatred for men, which enhances all of these timely qualities. It makes me mean and more competitive (of course, all with a smile) and makes those dummies (XYs) take me seriously. No one, seriously NO ONE, can cross me at this time. It’s great. It’s a great time for getting everything I want when it comes to success.

And then when it’s over, I go back to my pleasant chipper self for three weeks and get to enjoy all those other things I want.

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