Freezing Techniques

People sorely underestimate the power of freezing. Everything lasts much longer. Shelf-life is usually extended until you want to use the item. More than two months of being frozen will usually result in reduced quality in the flavor of the item. However, if you buy your veggies frozen, as I sometimes do, note that they are flash-frozen upon the time of picking and therefore the freshest they can be. The only fresher you can get is in-season stuff growing in your backyard. You don’t need to worry about shelf-life if you buy frozen, except for that 2-3 month mark when a high freezer temperature can cause burn.

Whole veggies and fruit: Freeze them in tightly wrapped plastic.
Meat: Wrap in aluminum foil, then seal in a ziplock bag.
Bread: Usually freezes nicely in its own packaging.
Alcohol: Do NOT leave beer or champagne in the freezer for more than 15-20 minutes! This will cause the bottle to explode. All hard alcohol lasts forever, though be wary of the flavored stuff; sometimes the flavored part gets separated from the alcohol part, and that’s just gross.

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