Running Playlist

People often ask me for workout song suggestions. I think you constantly have to update your playlist, so I’ve decided to share a new playlist every month of what’s racing my laces at the moment. My tunes now (lots of Nasty Nicki, I know, but it’s what I’m feeling):

Just Do It Q1 2012
“Dog Days Are Over” ♦ Florence And The Machine
“Best Thing I Never Had” ♦ Beyonce
“N–s in Paris” ♦ Jay-Z & Kanye
“Turn Me On” ♦ David Guetta feat. Nicki Minaj
“I Like It Rough” ♦ Lady Gaga
“You Da One” ♦ Rihanna
“Rock That Body” ♦ Black-Eyed Peas
“Starships” ♦ Nicki Minaj
“Daddy’s Little Girl” ♦ Nas
“Take Care” ♦ Drake feat. Rihanna
“Tears Dry On Their Own” ♦ Amy Winehouse
“Right Through Me” ♦ Nicki Minaj
“Notion” ♦ Kings of Leon


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