Trix Nails

My nails and cuticles have all but diminished this winter, due to excessive handwashing, dry air, and my craziness of removing polish and repainting every day. (I can’t go get a real manicure anymore; I’m too embarrassed for them to see my hands!) So, after a little research, I have created a rich moisturizing concoction […]


I never quite realized the name of one of my fave dance spots, also by this title, is the word I’m talking about in reverse. Recently, I was hanging out with some college kids who were discussing the sexcapades of the previous evening, and a (gay) boy made a joke to a (straight) girl, that […]


I categorize my life in seasons. There used to be two: Social Season and Hibernation Season. I’ve added one more—a revision to my year: Holiday Season. Let me define: Social Season begins the “real” year, which starts in late April, when people start to come out of hiding on a regular basis. It ends in early […]