I categorize my life in seasons. There used to be two: Social Season and Hibernation Season. I’ve added one more—a revision to my year: Holiday Season. Let me define:

Social Season begins the “real” year, which starts in late April, when people start to come out of hiding on a regular basis. It ends in early November. There’s a slight lag during mid-summer season, when everyone is traveling, but we’re being social with other people—the summer kids—so no need to redefine. If we’re not with all of our best friends all of the time, we are definitely doing something social.

Holiday Season is Thanksgiving through the New Year, when everyone is throwing parties and out and about despite the weather, because festivity is in the air. People take more time off to use up their vacation days, which makes them more easygoing despite end-of-year stress.

Hibernation Season starts January 2nd and ends when Social Season begins. It is prime time to become a homebody: renovate, redecorate, do some winter cleaning, and to resume old-people indoor hobbies like knitting, painting, scrapbooking,  cooking, or reading an entire book in a day. It’s also the season for becoming a workaholic and a gymrat (as traipsing around outside for long periods of time is unpleasant), and it is the best season for maximizing the use of your bedroom.

Given that this has been a mild winter and temperatures are approaching the high 60s today, I think it’s safe to say that Social Season, the start of the “real” new year, is kicking in early. Hope you’re prepped!

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