How To Glitter

Jewelry, step aside. This is not about you. Same with you, sequined dresses and bedazzled coats.

There are several ways to emanate  sparkle from your body instead. Here are my favorites:

Your face:

*Revlon “PERLE” eyeshadow in Lilac Shimmer. You don’t have to limit this to your eyes just because it’s eyeshadow. Experiment on your cheeks, or mix it with lotion for your shoulders. It’s a fantastic, long-lasting form of glitter.

*Glamorous Cosmetics makes a palette that I use daily: The Summer Set. Not sure if they will bring it back this season. However, they make a glitter powder and have a line devoted to glittery make-up products, including almost every color of glittering eyeliner!

Your hair:

*Actual, made for arts and crafts, straight-from-the-sprinkler bottle glitter. I usually shower this over my head (outside, so as not to make a mess). It will stay in your hair for the night, and if it gets on your clothes, all the better.

*Spray glitter made for hair, from the bottle. The glitter stays put and makes your hair a little sticky in that hairspray-way, but it’s a preferable option for Halloween and for costume parties. You can also go blonde for the night, or hot pink, or anything really; all you have to do is pick your poison. Ricky’s and most other beauty supply stores sell it year-round.

Your body:

*It’s hard to find glitter gel these days, so it’s best to make your own. I actually think it comes out better if you do it yourself. Wet & Wild makes a glitter called MegaSparkle Confetti, and if you mix that with your body lotion, you can create the desired effect—subdued or extreme.

*If you want bronze-y skin with a sparkle, L’Oreal Sublime Glow is a gradual self tanner that has tiny, tiny sparkles that catch the light and give a nice shimmer to the skin.

Here’s to Fairy Dusting the World!

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