Women have taken The Fall Since Eve I’m not Naive The world has barely changed for us, the Fairer Sex Our only weakness May be that we’re complex. Perhaps that is Our Strength: Fighting to Death for Love and Life and Length of Lasting Legacy when we have no guarantee People pleasers by nature… But […]

Unknowingly Drugged

My really cool co-worker and I decided to get lunch from one of the food trucks parked outside of our office this past week. There are different ones on different days, and we have the best of the best of them to choose from, according to NYC foodies. We decided to get sandwiches from a […]

Running Playlist #3

People often ask me for workout song suggestions. I think you constantly have to update your playlist, so I’ve decided to share a new playlist every month of what’s racing my laces at the moment. Here’s my third installment: Just Do It 3 2012 “Work It Out” ♦ Kanye West “Five Minutes To Midnight” ♦ Boys Like Girls “Bucket” ♦ Kings […]


One of my favorite, go-to, hard-to-fail crowd-pleaser meals is pizzetta. I make many varieties; only a few are pictured. (More pics to come!) They can take as little as 10 minutes or as long as 40 minutes to make, depending on your toppings. You can use just about anything in your fridge. Click below to […]