At-Home Hair?

A few months ago, I came across a coloring product that is seriously for dark-haired brunettes and black-haired ladies that lightens your color without making it orange or brassy (or so the box claims).

My awesomely talented roommate applied it to my hair in highlight form with straight-from-the kitchen aluminum foil. The results were noticeable enough that my hair looked like it had seen some sun and subtle enough that they are not currently noticeable growing out.

Then, last week I discovered an awesome product: paint-in color. I could only find it in red, blue, and purple (unlike sprays which come in every color under the sun including glittery gold!). I tried the red and put two streaks in my hair. It worked brilliantly and it washes out with the next shampoo. However, I was at a party until 4 or so in the morning and wasn’t planning on showering when I got home. Translation: This will get on your pillows and seep into your scalp (it looked like I’d been sunbathing without a hat). However, it did wash right out when I showered, so I’m hoping the same will happen when I wash my pillowcases.

It’s radical without the commitment. Like a one-night stand.

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