Boy am I overjoyed that bright colors are unstoppable these days in the NYC wardrobe of all-black-all-the-time play-it-safe natives.

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Arid Madness

Before the devil got in me,

I spread my dreams through nature’s smile.

But now time runs like cold bath water.

Even the face of a familiar stranger

causes clawing night winds

to crack my young skin

letting the desert dryness lick through the privacy of my soul.

Jealousy breathes from my skeleton like perfume.

My eyes confess the guilt of lonely old men.

But even though bones dance in the parched sky,

I still hold my mystery like a poker hand.



Recently I was invited to speak by The Promise Foundation at my middle school about skin cancer awareness and my personal battle with Melanoma last year.  I’ve decided to post my talk on my blog to spread the wealth of information I have in hopes of saving another life.

Hello everyone and good morning. It’s so great to be back in the very middle school I went to, GW. A lot of things are the same, yet a lot has changed. The auditorium is exactly as I remember it, yet I had to buzz to get into the building. You and I were probably the similar type of student: If I could go to an assembly during the school day, I’d be pretty happy to have the opportunity to miss class. But the difference is, when I was at GW, we didn’t learn about things like skin cancer in school assemblies. Skin cancer wasn’t as prevalent then as it is today, when roughly 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer over the course of a lifetime.

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Running Playlist #4

People often ask me for workout song suggestions. I think you constantly have to update your playlist, so I’ve decided to share a new playlist every month of what’s racing my laces at the moment. Here’s my fourth installment:

Just Do It 4 2012

“What Are You Waiting For?” ♦ Gwen Stefani
“Party & Bulls**t” ♦ Rita Ora
“Stuck in a Groove” ♦ Puretone/ D Ramirez remix
“Raining Men”♦ Rihanna feat. Nicki Minaj
“Made You Look” ♦ Nas
“That’s Not My Name” ♦ Ting Tings
“Shameless” ♦ Ani DiFranco
“Marry The Night”♦ Lady Gaga
“Heartbreaker” ♦ Lil’ Kim
“Sensual Seduction” ♦ Snoop Dogg
“Show Me What You Got” ♦ Jay-Z
“The Ugly Truth” ♦ Louis Logic

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