Reasons I L<3ve my boyfriend

1. A year later, he still calls every day, treats me like a lady, and fixes/helps with every little thing around my house (the “man jobs”). He even figured out a way to rebuild my vintage glitter wallet with a cereal box.  Mad skills.

2. His laugh. He makes me laugh a lot, but when he laughs at something not funny, I can’t help myself because I love his outrageous laugh so much. Laughter is one of the best things in life.

3. He works 7 days a week but still manages to find time for his friends, family, hockey league and me. Impressive.

4. He thinks that my authentic self is totally rad and has never judged me or tried to change me. I love that I can be completely honest. Not having to hold back is so refreshing.

5. He’s super attentive, down to remembering almost everything I’ve ever said. Although this can be scary, it’s great to be reminded about things I’ve forgotten and also attests to his superior listening skills and memory—very rare for a man to pay that much attention to what his girlfriend says. (This goes out the window though when a sports game is on, he’s playing with his phone, or one of his BFFs is around…fair enough).

6. His hands are amazing, and everything he does with them is, too. So is his Spanish skin. This is not about sex (if I started bragging about that…just TMI); it’s about how one of his hugs can make every little stress go away.

7. He’s my best friend. I can count on him. Reliability is lost commodity these days.

8. In stressful situations, he remains calm. On the few occasions that he is the stressed one, I’m surprisingly calm. It’s like we naturally balance each other out.

9. He likes to brush my hair and dote on me. He has no problem with my glitter getting all over him. I’m pretty sure he’s not gay…just comfortable in his masculinity.

10. He rarely complains when I drag him on a mission. Many times I’ve made him walk for miles on end to explore things because I’m curious and get sidetracked…and he’s probably thinking “What are we doing and why? How much longer?” but after the fact always says “I love walking with you”  or “That was cool.”

11. Every game we play as a team, he has no problem carrying us to a win. (I contribute very little; he makes up for that and always says I played really well when I’m totes the weakest link). When I beat him in mini golf (and it was an honest win), he posted the photo of the scorecard on fb. Bragging about his one defeat=awesome.

12. He loves his family and talks about them constantly. Same with his friends. He  is proud of his inner circle, boasts about their current stories and accomplishments, and is fiercely loyal to the people he surrounds himself with.

I could go on and on, but I’ll keep this gushing at a neat number of 12.

Happy 1 Year Anniversary JoeLover!


Own It

I recently discovered that a friend of mine has been lying about her sex life to me and her other close girlfriends…for years. There was always some suspicion about certain people. Our ex lovers — I can understand why she wouldn’t want to admit to them. I don’t understand why she can’t simply admit to mutual guy friends.

We are her best girl friends; we don’t pass judgment when it comes to that stuff. Furthermore, we admit to all of our sexcapades. I have no shame saying whom I’ve slept with, when, and why.

It’s clear why she was mum about admitting to others’ past lovers. My real issue is that she can’t even admit to the guys she’s merely slept with, guys that we don’t have a sexually history with (or do but don’t really care about).

I have two major questions: When there are so many fish in the sea, why do you need to take your friends’ sloppy seconds? And why do you need to lie about random hook-ups?

Is anyone familiar with this? Are you guilty of this, and why can’t you trust your girlfriends enough to tell them?

Running Playlist #7

People often ask me for workout song suggestions. I think you constantly have to update your playlist, so I’ve decided to share a new playlist every month of what’s racing my laces at the moment. Here’s my seventh installment:

Just Do It 7 2012

“Pound the Alarm” ♦ Nicki Minaj
“Settle Down” ♦ No Doubt
“Beauty and A Beat” ♦ Justin Bieber
“With Ur Love” ♦ Cher LLoyd ft. Mike Posner
“Dont Wake Me Up” ♦ (Not giving him a credit)
“Hello” ♦ Karmin
“Whatever” ♦ Hot Chelle Rae
“Lollipop” ♦ Jeffree Star ft. Nicki
“Lotus Flower Bomb” ♦ Wale
“Girl on Fire” ♦ Alicia Keys
“11:11” ♦ The Assembly Line
“I Was Here” ♦ Beyonce

Click on the numbers below for my previous playlists:









Back To School

Even though it’s been a while since I’ve gone “back to school,” this time of year is a great time for new beginnings. Many teachers say to the class on the first day, “You have a clean slate.”

It’s another kind of new year, a time to revamp your life. Today I’m buying a shiny new notebook and marabou pen, and I’m going to begin my new chapter.

It takes a lot of courage to go in your own direction and separate from the pack, to really go after your dreams, especially if you’re clueless about how to get there (me). But if there’s a will, there’s a way, and I’m determined to carve out the life I really want for myself and not what I “should” do, what’s “normal,” or what’s “practical.”

When are we supposed to go after what we really want? When we go through the system of corporate America and (hope to) retire? That’s not soon enough for me. I’m disillusioned. It doesn’t work like that anymore.

There is only one “right” way to live your life: The way that is right for you.

The time is now. What do you want out of this life, out of your life? What are you waiting for? Go get it.