Own It

I recently discovered that a friend of mine has been lying about her sex life to me and her other close girlfriends…for years. There was always some suspicion about certain people. Our ex lovers — I can understand why she wouldn’t want to admit to them. I don’t understand why she can’t simply admit to mutual guy friends.

We are her best girl friends; we don’t pass judgment when it comes to that stuff. Furthermore, we admit to all of our sexcapades. I have no shame saying whom I’ve slept with, when, and why.

It’s clear why she was mum about admitting to others’ past lovers. My real issue is that she can’t even admit to the guys she’s merely slept with, guys that we don’t have a sexually history with (or do but don’t really care about).

I have two major questions: When there are so many fish in the sea, why do you need to take your friends’ sloppy seconds? And why do you need to lie about random hook-ups?

Is anyone familiar with this? Are you guilty of this, and why can’t you trust your girlfriends enough to tell them?

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