Beware of the Momster

Last week, I met two twenty-something friends with a fabulous story about a female character from their UVA frat-boy days. I begged them for permission to post it on, because this story is just too unbelievable not to be shared. *Names have been changed, just in case.* It started one Saturday night when Matt, a […]

The Best of Everything Central Avenue, Jersey City, NJ

Having lived here for some time, I have a pretty good idea about where to get the best everything in Hudson County (Hoboken and Jersey City). This series will start with what is closest to home: Central Avenue in the Heights. Central Avenue offers some of the best products at the best prices. From farm stands […]

No Room For Pity

Because of—and definitely enhanced by—my history, people who whine really get on my nerves. As do people who feel sorry for themselves all of the time, or blame everything on other people or circumstances. Take g-dmn responsibility for yourself! You’re an adult; act like one. Getting melo-dramatic and complaining to everyone in the world about […]