Ice is a highly undervalued commodity. I’ve owned my new refrigerator for over a year and have yet to hook up the ice maker part of the freezer. Shame on me. How much am I truly missing out on the cold frozen water of life?

Here, a breakdown of the value of this virtually free element:

1. Obvious, but ice cools drinks. Yum iced coffee, water, and rocks drinks. Packed in a bucket, it keeps champagne cold; in a cooler, it preserves your beer.

2. The morning after cold drinks, ice cures your headache. Whether you rest a couple of cubes on your forehead or eat a flavored icy, you are well on your way to starting off your day like a normal person.

3. Baggy, tired, old eyes. Ice is like free, temporary botox. Wrinkles and puffs be gone! Poof.

4. Sex. Ice is hard and wet like you, but cold in contrast to your hot. Many ways to incorporate it into your bedroom activities.

5. Sore muscles. This is the healer for sports injuries. I make ice packs with zippered sandwich bags and rest them on my knees and ankles. (I’m a runner). Ditto for tired, high-heeled, city-traipsing feet. Just last night, my boyfriend and I made a temporary sling for my crowd-surfing hurt roommate using just that…a ziplocked bag of ice tucked into a safety-pinned towel as sling. Genius!

Ice is saving the world, one cube at a time.

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