Baked BBQ Chicken Wings

This crowd-pleaser is perfect for Sunday football viewing or tailgate parties if you give yourself enough time. This depicts the recipe made for just a few peeps, however, the recipe itself was born out of necessity for a summer garden party I was hosting for over 40 people at a house with a non-working grill. Unheard of!

This super simple oven recipe works well in bulk if you have a day of time and a working oven. The best part is that it tastes good hot or cold (can be made ahead). Oh, and the clean-up is easy too if you use disposable tins.

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One of my favorite times of year.

The Year Before Last: Kansas a.k.a. Anne came with me to my Aunt Mary and Uncle Steve’s Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania. The five-star dinner was fabulous as usual, involving lots of thanks around the table. Our tradition is to have everyone write down three things they are thankful for. My uncle’s mother puts the sheets of paper randomly under each plate. When we sit down, each guest reads another person’s list. It is really beautiful, and this particular year, there were lots of K-State Wildcat cheers after each reading in honor of my sister Kansas.

Then everything kind of sloped downward. Too much wine and espresso-shot drinking, smoking ciggs, a bloody finger, kids caught with pot, and some shedding of tears turned the night into a disastrous one, at least temporarily.

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Jargon Madness


Inspired by a recent article I read and a discussion my mother brought up this week, I think it is high time to address an issue that has annoyed me for the past year. I was, for many reasons, unable to address it directly until now.

Egregious errors. Process. Going forward. Team. CC me. I’m out-of-pocket. Let’s touch base. Let’s do some housekeeping. These stupid code words and phrases that we are trained to use. Thanks/Best/Regards/Sincerely when we don’t even mean it! What we really want to say, at least some of the time, is “Thanks for making my life more difficult/making me stay late at work” or “I really don’t like you, but to be polite, I’m smiling through clenched teeth.”

I’m not saying forget your manners and throw office etiquette out of the window. But please, use your own vocabulary! Isn’t it beautiful to have a conversation with someone who doesn’t use the 100 other words everyone else says every week? DRONE.

I suspect people fear using dicta other than that which has been established in their place of work because they want to “fit in” (tragic), or even more ghastly, that no one else will understand what they are saying. We watch reality TV and fear for America, but what about your reality? Why are you using such dumb words to discuss business matters in everyday life?

Please be authentic. There are so many words in the dictionary. Rely on your own vernacular to express yourself, and if others don’t understand, shame on them.


My boyfriend runs a hardware store and borrowed my computer to place an order the other night since these are emergency times here on the East Coast. Well, boy, am I glad he left the order sheet open because the names of some of these things are hilarious. Here’s a sampling. Use your imagination for what these products/company names could be when you adjust the spelling! Am I the only person with my mind in the gutter?!

♣ Tingley Rubber
♣ Solder Ball Valve
♣ WTRproof fir stick
♣ ½ x 10′ M Hard Cop Tube
♣ ME100′ 16/3ORG EXT Cord
♣ WD40 GAL MP Lubricant
♣ 100PK XL BLU Nitr Glove

♣ 2″ Qwik Elbow
♣ MM 36″ 6 Arm Bung Cord
♣ MM 1″x14′ Ratch Tie Down
♣ LG .35mm Overall Suit
♣ MP1-1/2x8Dish Tailpiece
♣ WD40 12OZ MP Lubricant
♣ GT5/8 3/4 Fem Coupling
♣ GT 5/8 3/4 Male Coupling
♣ 3/4×3/8 BLK Hex Bushing
♣ MM32″BLK HD Bungee Cord
♣ GRN FlexDNSPTExtension

Relationships: Hurricane Sandy Challenged All

Hurricane Sandy has had devastating effects on our region. We’ve suffered flooding, fires, no power, and damages that will take a long time to repair. Not just physical property damages, but emotional and perhaps irreversible damages to our personal relationships.

Just yesterday, a man pulled out a gun at a gas station. The longer our power has been out, the more and more anxious and frustrated people have become. I originally thought that nine months from now there were going to be many babies born, but in actuality—because of the length of the aftermath of this disaster—the devastation, desperation, and frustration that have arisen in people over the progression of this past week have made that seem less and less likely. Love in the dark is the last thing on their minds, let alone patience with others.

I’m quite sure that those who have been forced to stay home on curfew in pitch black, not allowed to walk outside because of power lines floating in flood waters, therefore stuck with their roommate/companion/lover for days on end without any access to the outside world, have flipped out on each other. There is only so much isolation or confinement with one person that one can take with nowhere to escape to and nowhere to breathe.

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Red, White, and Green: Italian Pasta Three Ways

Pasta three ways. This is a three-course meal that celebrates all of the colors of the Italian flag. Each plate is a shared plate for two people.

Appetizer: Fried Ravioli with Spicy Fra Diavlo dipping sauce

Course 1: Farfalle with Peas & Bacon in Tomato Alfredo sauce

Course 2: Orzo with Italian Sausage, Peppers and Onions

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Running Playlist #9

You should constantly update your playlist (whether it’s men or music).  As I do every month, I’m sharing the tunes racing my laces at the moment. Here’s my ninth installment:

Just Do It 9 2012

“Over The Moon” ♦ Cher Llyod
“Die Young” ♦ Ke$ha
“Locked Out of Heaven” ♦ Bruno Mars
“Ready Or Not” ♦ Bridgit Mendler
“Finally Found You” ♦ Enrique Inglesias
“Let Me Love You” ♦ Ne-Yo
“Diamonds” ♦ Rihanna
“Try”♦ Pink
“Go Crazy” ♦ Young Jeezy
“The Lemon Song” ♦ Led Zeppelin
“Dreams” ♦ CunninLynguists
“No Worries” ♦ Lil’ Wayne

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