My boyfriend runs a hardware store and borrowed my computer to place an order the other night since these are emergency times here on the East Coast. Well, boy, am I glad he left the order sheet open because the names of some of these things are hilarious. Here’s a sampling. Use your imagination for what these products/company names could be when you adjust the spelling! Am I the only person with my mind in the gutter?!

♣ Tingley Rubber
♣ Solder Ball Valve
♣ WTRproof fir stick
♣ ½ x 10′ M Hard Cop Tube
♣ ME100′ 16/3ORG EXT Cord
♣ WD40 GAL MP Lubricant
♣ 100PK XL BLU Nitr Glove

♣ 2″ Qwik Elbow
♣ MM 36″ 6 Arm Bung Cord
♣ MM 1″x14′ Ratch Tie Down
♣ LG .35mm Overall Suit
♣ MP1-1/2x8Dish Tailpiece
♣ WD40 12OZ MP Lubricant
♣ GT5/8 3/4 Fem Coupling
♣ GT 5/8 3/4 Male Coupling
♣ 3/4×3/8 BLK Hex Bushing
♣ MM32″BLK HD Bungee Cord
♣ GRN FlexDNSPTExtension

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