2012: I Told You So

I hate to say I predicted that this past year would not be a good one, but I did. With that said, I am optimistic about 2013. It could just be that 13 is my lucky number and it’s my last year of my twenties. (There, I said it.) Or it could be that odd […]

3-Bedroom Apts…3 Roommates…3 Ways

Earlier this winter, I was at a friend’s new apartment. I originally thought, knowing him and his girlfriend, that it was their we-are-growing-up-and-will-get-engaged-soon place. It is gorgeous, and I hope it is their happily-ever-after starting spot, but—they also have a roommate. Their roommate is a lovely and fabulous guy and they all get along really well, […]

TBT: Nerds Win!

My friends have pointed out many a time that I’m attracted to “nerdy” guys, and by that they mean socially awkward or shy guys. I’ve dated across the spectrum, but upon inspection of relationships, a.k.a., boys who were called boyfriend, I’m fifty-fifty when it comes to cool and nerdy by those limiting black-and-white definitions that seem […]