Game-Day Eats

Football Season is upon us! Here’s a compilation of my favorite football-watching recipes: Baked BBQ Chicken Wings Nasty! Nachos Pizzetta: 10 versions Spicy Sweet Potato Fries Meaty Stuffed Peppers Magnificent Meatballs Fall Sausage Go GIAnts!!!

Peanut Allergies 101

I loved Arthur as a child and just caught this. I didn’t know much about peanut allergies when I watched this show back in the day, but now I’m guessing PBS has to cover certain topics in a season of any given show’s audience, much like how the teen shows need to cover pregnancy and […]

Your 20s: The Wedding(s) Years

When friends get married, everything is (mostly) beautiful. Happy times. But we all suffer financially. Or, at least, most people in my generation suffer financially. I once dated a man who was invited to eight weddings in one year, half of which he was a groomsman for. Eight wedding gifts, four bachelor parties, one outfit. […]

Magnificent Meatballs: My Italian Recipe

After being fed up with upscale restaurants and more recently, NYC street-food vendors not making a good enough—by that I mean, acceptable to the standards of real Italian cooking which is rare in the United States—meatball, I am going to share my recipe in hopes that we can raise the bar for Italian-American cooking. And […]