Playlist #1 2013

You should constantly update your playlist (whether it’s men or music). As I do every month, I’m sharing the beats racing my laces at the moment. Right now, it’s poppy for brisk winter runs.

Just Do It 2013

“Why Don’t You Love Me?” ♦ Beyonce
“Ab Fab” ♦ Bella Nae
“Say My Name” ♦ Nikos Ganos (Ancora Club Edit Remix)
“Gold” ♦ Britt Nicole
“6 ft. 7 ft.” ♦ Lil’ Wayne feat. Cory Guns
“Thrift Shop” ♦ Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
“What The Hell” ♦ Avril Lavigne
“I’m Legit” ♦ Nicki Minaj feat. Ciara
“Check It Out” ♦
“You and I” ♦ Lada Gaga
“Paper Planes” ♦ M.I.A
“Thanks For The Memories” ♦ Fall Out Boy


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