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Some famous couples have said they are waiting to get married until everyone has that right. I say this: I cannot wait to have a baby, but only when men can, too;)



What is your drink preference and what does it say about you?

This question was posed to me by someone who thinks that different personalities are drawn to different drinks when it comes to hard liquor. I am a vodka girl, my boyfriend is a rum boy, my roommate is a whiskey guy, and my late great-aunt was a gin drinker.

What about different drinks for different moods? I like most drinks, but I choose according to the occasion. Fake champagne for a night of dancing, for instance. Wine for relaxing or with meals. Beer with sports (but only good beer, none of that cheap sh*t), margaritas in tropical climes or at Mexican restaurants, sangria at Spanish restaurants, sake at Japanese restaurants, and then vodka, with everything. So you could say I’m a vodka personality when it comes to hard liquor.

What about people who prefer frozen/fruity/girly drinks? When I was waitressing forever ago—and it was probably just the restaurant I worked at—more men ordered sweet “feminine” drinks than women. Does anyone regularly drink coconut rum, apple-flavored liquors (or any fruit flavored ones), amaretto, or sambuca? If you’re a regular on these, I think you have issues.

But for everything else, I wonder: Does your choice of hard liquor say something about your personality? And what?


Wife is just another name for personal assistant, mother #2, or baby maker. Best by you, woman, to stay the lover.


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