The Fabulousness of A Single Bed


People are always knocking the single bed. I’ll be the first to say, I love my single bed! It’s comfortable and cozy and is more than enough room for me.

I just can’t justify the extra space in a bigger bed. This is not to say I always sleep alone. My boyfriend sleeps comfortably in my bed with me, as do my (non-sleep-limb-flailing) friends and my little brother and my family puppy (all at different times, of course). Many have slept in my bed and had no complaints about space.

My childhood bed is a queen, but once I got my first apartment, I wanted more floor space. I’ve lived in several apartments since then, but never felt the need to move in my big, beautiful antique bed from my parents’ house.

Normally, I sleep on the edge of the bed, don’t spread out, and rarely move around, so why do I need a bed that takes up so much space in my room? For me, that space is more wisely invested in having a very open floor to move around on.

A bigger bed may be ideal for guests, but I sleep sort of half-off of it being on the edge, so guests essentially get the whole thing. Even when I sleep other places in bigger beds, I sleep on the edge. That childhood bed was almost a waste, except my grandmother slept in it when she visited. I wasn’t relegated to a sleeping bag in my brother’s room on the floor, because I was completely not noticeable as a sleeping companion taking up no space. She said I was the easiest person to sleep with because she didn’t even know I was there.

In my experience, a single bed is perfectly fine for one person, and is quite comfortable for two people who don’t spread out in sleep or have violent movements during their sleep. The only problem is if one of you snores…but that is an unfortunate issue that doesn’t change with bed size.

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