Portabella Parmesan Pasta

This little gem was something I made up when I really wanted some portabella mushrooms. It’s simple and involves few ingredients, per my usual style. Serves 4. Ingredients: 1 pound sliced baby portabella mushrooms 8 oz. balsamic vinaigrette 1 pound linguini 4 oz. parmesan cheese Directions: 1. Marinate the shrooms in the balsamic vinaigrette (I […]

The Importance of Being Honest

The importance of being honest in relationships doesn’t get the press coverage that it deserves. Honesty is a tricky thing. How honest is too honest? Sometimes, you don’t want to be honest because it will hurt your girlfriend’s feelings. Her makeup seems over-the-top, let’s say. But there is a huge difference between little white lies […]