The Questions Game

testI love this game and have tried to get peeps to play, but it requires an android and my bf is the only other person in my circle that has one. I make up for this by secretly recreating with randoms using the app. Although Test For Friends seems like it’s for dating, upon closer inspection, it serves as a great self-assessment tool.

Here’s a sampling of questions. The only frustrating part is that this program hails from Denmark, so the wording can be off. It’s multiple choice and sometimes doesn’t offer the option you would choose. For example, the first question below. Beyond the duds, though, it can be eye-opening. I’m going to make this into a cocktail party card game and you are all invited!

♦Which do you prefer more? Skirts or pants? (Confusion: Does that mean on me or you? I certainly prefer skirts, but not on a guy…although kilts do have a certain appeal.)

♦Could you show a friend your last five text messages without checking them first?

♦You’re stuck in an elevator with an extremely attractive person. What is your first reaction?: (a) delight (b) panic

♦Your best friend is in love with someone you can’t stand. What do you do? (a) try to talk her out of it (b) try to understand him

♦If you could choose a period of life for a month, which would it be? (a) child (b) teenager (c) adult…Awkward wording, but you know what they mean.

♦You think your partner cheats on you. Would you secretly read his/her text messages if s/he forgot his/her phone?

♦You have to go to the toilet urgently, but there is a a long queue. The one for the other sex, however, is free. Do you use that one? [My answer is:  Of course!]

♦Which luxury would you most likely get for your home? (a)  gym and pool (b) cinema (c) butler and chef

♦How eclectic is your group of friends?

♦When was the last time you shared a bed with someone? Options are: (a) recently (b) a while ago (c) a shut mouth catches no flies (HA!)

♦Do you smoke? (Are they referring to pot or cigarettes?) Answer choices are “yes” “no” & “only at parties”

♦Do you consider kissing cheating? (This is super complicated as a yes or no when you, a straight girl, loves to give your gay boy love a peck on the lips)

♦A friend has a new partner. Now, they only spend time together. Can you understand them? (a) of course (b) they’re exaggerating a bit

♦Does a nude photo of you exist?

If you like this, I’ll post a second installment, as there are way too many questions to list. It’s fun with friends, and if you are in the dating scene, you can figure out what guys are playboys because they always try to say the right thing rather than the real thing. Weed out the bad ones and have fun at the same time, RAD.

TEST FOR FRIENDS (click to check it out and download)

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