Just Do It #5 2013

You should constantly update your playlist (whether it’s men or music). As I do every month, I’m sharing the beats racing my laces at the moment. Right now, it’s a motivating mix for maintaining your shape during the social season.

Just Do It #5 2013

“Crazy Kids” ♦ Ke$ha
“Somebody to Love” ♦ Rusko
“Hangover” ♦ Taio Cruz
“Erase Me” ♦ Kid Cudi
“Mama Do” ♦ Pixie Lott
“Come & Get It” ♦ Selena Gomez
“Can’t Be Tamed” ♦ Miley Cyrus
“Tightrope” ♦ Janelle Monáe feat. Big Boi
“Get Lucky” ♦ Daft Punk
“Save The World” ♦ Swedish House Mafia
“Make It Rain” ♦ Fat Joe feat. Lil’ Wayne
“Flowers In The Window” ♦ Travis

Enjoy! ♥Gigi   Click below to see previous playlists… All playlists are linked below.

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Trix Hair #2


“My hair pretty” was my first sentence. Instead of a first word, I had a first sentence (brag). However, the statement of self-love was odd considering I didn’t have any hair until I was four years old. Perhaps I was fascinated by hair early on precisely because I lacked it.

Odder yet is that I barely do anything with it when it comes to styling or care. I don’t own a blowdryer, my boyfriend trims my hair with kitchen scissors twice a year, I don’t use any styling products, and I maybe curl it once a year. Yeah: “My hair not pretty.”

Regardless, I’ve been experiencing a lot of breakage (from running ponytail) and have decided to be a little more proactive. I’ve turned to DIY hair masks, as I’m more into using natural ingredients than store-bought hair masks.

Here’s my latest concoction:


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The Questions Game, Part II

testHere’s a second sampling of questions from “The Questions Game,” back by popular demand. If you didn’t read Part I, here’s a quick recap of what this is all about:

I love Test For Friends, a game you can play on your phone. At first glance, it seems a dating app, but upon closer inspection, it serves as a great self-assessment tool. I game with randoms because it requires an android (I think) and barely anyone has those in my circle. It is that much fun. 

A new batch I’ve come across follows. (Ignore the off wording; it’s from Denmark). It’s multiple choice and sometimes doesn’t offer the option you would choose, but it’s still eye-opening. I’m going to make this into a cocktail party card game and you are all invited!

♦You’re supposed to choose a teammate for a game. You go with (a) best player (b) best friend

♦Have you ever pretended to be single when you were flirting, even though you weren’t?

♦With whom would you rather talk? (a) your ancestors (b) your descendents

♦You check into a hotel. What’s the first thing you notice in your room? (a) if it has Wifi (b) whether the beds are clean (c) the view from the window

♦Would you have nude photos taken for one million dollars?

♦You have an impromptu date at the cafe, but all your clothes are in the wash. What do you wear from what’s left in your closet? (a) formal wear (b) tracksuit (c) the Christmas sweater from Grandma

♦Would you rather have only male or only female colleagues? [Interesting depending on whether a male or female is answering the question and why they chose their answer]

♦Freedom or security: Which is more important to you?

♦Where does cheating start? (a) flirt (b) kiss (c) sex

♦ The bouncer won’t let one of your friends into the club. You: (a) go in anyway (b) all in or we bounce!

♦Where do you see yourself at 80 years old? (a) at the senior Olympics (b) on a porch with grandchildren (c) with a blind date [What about (d) none the the above?! I want that option]

♦A  friend is really proud of her new haircut although it’s totally ugly. What do you do? (a) pretend to like it (b) I tell her

♦Do you give or take more in relationships?

♦If you had to do it for a year, what would be worse for you (a) get up at 4am on workdays (b) live abroad on your own

♦You are a bridesmaid or groomsman and are asked to wear an outfit you don’t like. Do you still wear it out of respect for the couple?

♦Should a liar be lied to? (a) of course (b) no, honesty triumphs

♦Should men shave their armpits? [my opponent, a man, actually said YES. Too much.]

To Read Part 1, Click here.

TEST FOR FRIENDS (click to check it out and download)

Other Uses For Vodka


Vodka is my cocktail of choice on special occasions, but it serves many other purposes that I’ve only recently discovered. What a useful libation to keep in the kitchen cupboard!

♣Vodka cleans chrome, glass, and porcelain
♣It can make your hair shiny (add 1 ½ oz. to your shampoo)
♣Vodka keeps your flowers in bloom longer (Add a few drops of the liquor and a tsp. of sugar to the vase water)
♣It repels insects
♣It eliminates mold
♣Vodka gets rid of poison ivy and alleviates stings
♣Want some toothache pain relief? Swish it around in your mouth…swallow if you want a potential added benefit 😉
♣Kill odor-causing bacteria on your clothes with a spritz of vodka from a spray bottle

Go hit that bottle in the name of self and home preservation!

911 Call

Telephone Reciever on a Spiral Cord

The most absurd thing happened on Friday morning. I was minding my business and working from home when the doorbell rang…mine and several others. I assumed (bad idea) that it was either someone who lived in the building who forgot their front door key, or a delivery since I was expecting two packages.

Without using the intercom to identify, I simply buzzed door person in. I peeked my head out the door to hear if the (supposed delivery) person would announce himself and needed a signature. Looking down to the first floor, I heard that the person was knocking on someone’s door. OK, not for me, back to work.

But moments later, he was climbing stairs and pounding on other doors, screaming something I couldn’t understand. It sounded like an older large man who was wandering about drunk in our 3-fl., 6 apt. building, thinking either that he lived here and was figuring out where his wife was to open the door (he does not live here; I know all the 20 and 30-something tenants) or (worst case) he was wondering what door he could get into to carry out some sort of crime…a robbery? a murder? He sounded that violently charged and upset. I panicked and bolted my door. I was home alone in the building.

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I Heart My Mom

Mother's Day

Why I’m Thankful For My Mom

♥She has rescued me from countless life obstacles, from the minor (getting locked in a public bathroom stall) to the major (bf’s death).

♥She’s the biggest believer in my projects and endeavors.

♥She dresses in bright colors and  makes every get-together or visit a festive occasion…a great trait I inherited.

♥She’s always there to listen.

♥She’s a great sport to travel or go to any event with. Laughter is always involved.

Love you Mom!


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