The Questions Game, Part II

Here’s a second sampling of questions from “The Questions Game,” back by popular demand. If you didn’t read Part I, here’s a quick recap of what this is all about: I love Test For Friends, a game you can play on your phone. At first glance, it seems a dating app, but upon closer inspection, it serves as […]

Other Uses For Vodka

Vodka is my cocktail of choice on special occasions, but it serves many other purposes that I’ve only recently discovered. What a useful libation to keep in the kitchen cupboard! ♣Vodka cleans chrome, glass, and porcelain ♣It can make your hair shiny (add 1 ½ oz. to your shampoo) ♣Vodka keeps your flowers in bloom longer […]

911 Call

The most absurd thing happened on Friday morning. I was minding my business and working from home when the doorbell rang…mine and several others. I assumed (bad idea) that it was either someone who lived in the building who forgot their front door key, or a delivery since I was expecting two packages. Without using […]