Just Do It #4 2013

You should constantly update your playlist (whether it’s men or music). As I do every month, I’m sharing the beats racing my laces at the moment. Right now, it’s an upbeat list for spring training.

Just Do It #4 2013

“Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall” ♦ Coldplay
“Levels” ♦ Avicii
“She Wolf” ♦ David Guetta feat. Sia
“Radioactive” ♦ Rita Ora
“The Way” ♦ Ariana Grande feat. Mac Miller
“Spectrum” (Calvin Harris Remix) ♦ Florence and The Machine
“A Thousand Years” ♦ Christina Perri
“Boomerang” (Cahill Club Remix) ♦ Nicole Sherzinger
“It’s Our Night” (7th Heaven Club Mix) ♦ Jason Dottely
“Party Around The World” (Barry Harris Radio Edit) ♦ Adam D
“No Sleep” ♦ Wiz Khalifa



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