Other Uses For Vodka


Vodka is my cocktail of choice on special occasions, but it serves many other purposes that I’ve only recently discovered. What a useful libation to keep in the kitchen cupboard!

♣Vodka cleans chrome, glass, and porcelain
♣It can make your hair shiny (add 1 ½ oz. to your shampoo)
♣Vodka keeps your flowers in bloom longer (Add a few drops of the liquor and a tsp. of sugar to the vase water)
♣It repels insects
♣It eliminates mold
♣Vodka gets rid of poison ivy and alleviates stings
♣Want some toothache pain relief? Swish it around in your mouth…swallow if you want a potential added benefit 😉
♣Kill odor-causing bacteria on your clothes with a spritz of vodka from a spray bottle

Go hit that bottle in the name of self and home preservation!

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