Just Do It #5 2013

You should constantly update your playlist (whether it’s men or music). As I do every month, I’m sharing the beats racing my laces at the moment. Right now, it’s a motivating mix for maintaining your shape during the social season.

Just Do It #5 2013

“Crazy Kids” ♦ Ke$ha
“Somebody to Love” ♦ Rusko
“Hangover” ♦ Taio Cruz
“Erase Me” ♦ Kid Cudi
“Mama Do” ♦ Pixie Lott
“Come & Get It” ♦ Selena Gomez
“Can’t Be Tamed” ♦ Miley Cyrus
“Tightrope” ♦ Janelle Monáe feat. Big Boi
“Get Lucky” ♦ Daft Punk
“Save The World” ♦ Swedish House Mafia
“Make It Rain” ♦ Fat Joe feat. Lil’ Wayne
“Flowers In The Window” ♦ Travis

Enjoy! ♥Gigi   Click below to see previous playlists… All playlists are linked below.

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