Bruises, Burns and Other Marks of Fierceness

He said, “Why do you have blood all over your hands?”

I said, “Watch out,” and smiled.

I was kidding; it was my own blood and not someone I’d just slaughtered. But, it brings me to address the fact that I am a bleeder. When my manicurist mis-cuts a cuticle, I will bleed for a good 15 minutes before she (or he) can continue…even with the help of the green solution. This day it appeared my cuticle had ripped somehow while I was browsing a flea market. I hadn’t noticed but eww. Thank goodness I carry around wet wipes.

Unfortunately, I am unfortunate in the injury category. I’m of normal health, but I happen to attract catastrophe, and that combined with clumsiness just does numbers on one’s body. When I had my cancer removed, I bled like crazy. That story here.

A few weeks ago, I managed to trip on the broken sidewalk in my new high heels (too lazy to pick up my feet), then later that day I fractured my rib, and then the next day I contracted the most painful bacterial infection. I waited 2 1/2 weeks before finally going to the doctor for help. I think that if I ignore things they will go away. Not being able to function normally was really interfering with my life though, so I finally went to the doc for the check-up and all of the meds required to heal.

I thought I was on the road to recovery. The road was veering in a different direction. Two days later, I was working on a project and was asked to pose by a running motorcycle. I’ve never ridden one and have only stood by bikes that weren’t on. Why did no one warn me that they can burn you?!?!? I burned 4 layers of skin off in less than 3 seconds. OH whoops, must have touched the exhaust said friends. I was next to the pedal…what? All I know is the pain that came with it. 

I am a walking disaster.

Here’s a photo gallery of some injuries: 





At the end of the day, I have to accept that these things are going to happen. I can stay safe if I stay in bed (well…mostly safe) and have no injuries and lovely skin, but that’s completely unrealistic. Life must go on. And while I may bruise rather easily, I cruise through life quite quickly.

And the worst injury, the motorcycle burn, (not for the faint) below…


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