Just Do It #6 2013

You should constantly update your playlist (whether it’s men or music). Every month I share the beats racing my laces. However, due to a fractured rib, I haven’t been able to run for the past six weeks. Not one to disappoint, here’s what’s waiting on my iPod for the second I can rock out my kicks.

Just Do It #6 2013

“Love U Betta” ♦ Neon Hitch
“Acid Rain” ♦ Alexis Jordan
“Play Hard” ♦ David Guetta, Akon, Neyo
“She Wolf (Falling To Pieces)” ♦ David Guetta feat. Sia
“Your Body” ♦ Christina Aguilera
“Blackout” ♦ Breathe Carolina
“Hey Mama” ♦ Mat Kearney
“Next Year” ♦ Two Door Cinema Club
“Shake It Out” ♦ Florence & The Machine
“A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got)” ♦ Fergie
“Black Dog”♦ Led Zeppelin
“Right Now” ♦ Rihanna
“Oh Mama Hey” ♦ DJ Frankie feat. Crystal Waters

Enjoy! ♥Gigi   Click below to see previous playlists…  All playlists are linked below.

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