I Mean It


I am a woman of my word. I try not to say things I do not mean. I will show up and be on time if I’ve promised I will be. I do not say throwaway things like, “I’ll be in touch,” “I’ll call you,” or “I’ll help you,” if I don’t plan on doing so.

I don’t say I love you and not mean it (OK, that did happen in one relationship years ago, I admit, but never again…not a good lie to get into).

I don’t surround myself with people that I don’t want to be around. If you are my friend, I value you and I have made the choice to have you in my life.

Lessons learned:

1) Do not promise to do things for others if you do not plan on delivering. Setting people up for disappointment is not cool.

2) If you really want to connect with someone and hang out with them, be sincere about it, make plans, and follow through.

3) If you don’t care for a person, don’t associate with that person unless you absolutely have to (i.e., your wicked mother-in-law at a family function; in that case, be cordial and minimize contact). For those you can choose to hang out with but don’t really want to: Get comfortable with the word “No.”

It’s pretty simple.

You only live your life once, and as I said before and will say again, LIVE IT FOR YOU.

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