Lucky Pennies, Part II


I’m re-collecting lucky pennies…re-obsessing? It got to the point of crazy when I found myself trying to pick one up that had dried into the tar of a paved street.

An older man stopped in his tracks because I looked that psychotic. He gave me that WTF-are-you-serious? stare. I had to walk away, but promised myself I would come back with a tool and dig it out.

Five minutes later, on the train, I switched seats with a family so they could sit together, and while across from them, I noticed a quarter. I think the mom thought I was being creepy, but I had the urgency to tell her son to pick up the found money.

A quarter still has some value…well, maybe an “added” value, but one nonetheless. Unlike a lucky penny, which is purely a charm thing, a quarter can still get you something. Store owners will let you get away with being short some change…but not by 25¢. And “found money” is always good money. I pointed to the daughter and told her to pick it up and keep it, which she did.

Yesterday, in the middle of some dirty street in NYC (aren’t they all), I saw a shiny penny. This penny would decide if I should go to Beijing, if I should move to CT or work in central Jersey. I was puking at all of the offers—here, when I was already way into the process of creating my dream job. This beautiful penny would assure my happiness, would inform me of the right direction, of my future.

This all started here.


Kiwi Tart Pie


I go through phases where I like to cook or bake, but I always take shortcuts in the kitchen. Cooking or baking to me is like painting or playing dress-up. It is supposed to be fun and totally inspired by the whim of the moment. Who cares if it comes out terribly? (Unless, of course, you are serving guests and they have no other options.)

I felt like making something the other day for no real occasion, although I later realized I had a party I could bring this to, so it worked out: My work was not for naught. This recipe involves no actual baking (unless you make your own crust) and takes 10-15 minutes to prepare. I think it looks kind of pretty and have yet to find out what it tastes like. Hopefully good? Like I said, kitchen experiments are fun, are projects, and are not to be taken too seriously.

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Just Do It #7 2013

You should constantly update your playlist, whether it’s men or music (or location, extracurriculars, friends). Expand your mind. Familiar is boring and does nothing for your self-improvement. I can finally run again today after three long months of inactivity. Here’s my list of tracks for building back, mostly hyped up pop as we are in the epiphany of the social season.

Just Do It #7 2013

“I Choose You” ♦ Timeflies
“Kill My Boyfriend” ♦ Natalia Kills
“One Minute” ♦ Krewella
“Last Chance” ♦ Madeon
“Exotic” ♦ Priyanka Chopra
“I’m Out” ♦ Ciara ft. Nicki Minaj
“Pursuit of Happiness” (Steve Aoki remix) ♦ Kid Cudi
“Sound Of Violence”  (Aeroplane Remix) ♦ Cassius
“Heatbreaker” ♦ Marina and The Diamonds
“We Got The World” ♦ Icona Pop
“American Girl” ♦ Bonnie McKee
“No Interruption” ♦ Hoodie Allen


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