Back to School

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After selling most of my stuff at the Riverview Fisk Flea Market two weeks ago, I felt justified to buy new things.

Even though it’s been a while since I’ve gone “back to school,” this time of year is a great time to revamp your life and begin a new chapter.

New season, new things. Right? I rarely buy for myself, but it is just high time that I do. My sneakers are failing me. My clothing is getting thready. My iPod and phone are both glitchy. My jewelry just bores me. And I really, really want a bike.

I began my new (frugal) shopping spree with a corduroy bomber jacket, two skirts, and a new sketchbook/journal. The hair-bows are from the 6th Borough Market.


I then bought some things (T-shirts, candle, soaps, lip balm, wristlets and baby headband) at the All About Downtown Street Fair. Most of these are gifts.


The JC GAL bracelet is obvi not going to be gifted.

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New underwear. Hey, you should refresh that drawer every sixth months with a few new pairs and toss the old raggedy ones. I wanted tropical colors to hold onto summer just a little bit longer.


I feel refreshed already!

Next up: fall and winter booties, a winter coat, and everything I haven’t yet purchased mentioned above…oh the list goes on. I probably won’t have time to acquire most of these before Christmas (hint, hint, family!).

Shop locally.




When you love someone deeply, sh*t gets real. You have to talk about uncomfortable things, to make peace with what you’ve lived and learned, and convey where you’re coming from and where you want to go. Then, hopefully, grow from there together.

After my first love, it was hard to believe in anything lasting; it was easy to believe in fleeting—life, faith.

I learned that you can only rely on yourself at the end of the day, and I did a pretty good job of taking care of me. I did not need a man. (Anyone who says that you do is ignorant and ridiculous, anyway.) But people love dropping hints about settling down when you’re in your mid-twenties. I paid no heed. To me, that was irrelevant. I had plenty of male friends, each of whom suited different occasions. Life never had a dull moment; how fabulous and fun.

Then came along this interesting guy who made me rethink commitment (such a dreadful word in the past), who made me believe in actual, genuine love. Something as strong as the bond you have with your family and lifelong best friends: You are inextricably linked. Whether you fight for that person or fight with that person, your loyalty to that person is infallible. You would do anything for them.

Our second year was not always roses, but our love pulled us though. We’ve lived, we’ve laughed, and we’ve definitely loved.

Boyfriend, best friend, handyman, hairstylist, football/bad movie watching companion, confidante and partner in crime—You da best. I love you! 

Happy Anniversary to the One & Only Mr. JoeLuva ♥

Oh, and all the reasons I fell in love in the first place still ring true.

Remembering 9/11


I was sitting in class my freshmen year at NYU, and a loud noise sounded. “Damn that construction,” my teacher cursed. We had yet to realize what that noise really was.

When I left the building, people seemed frantic outside. I bumped into a friend who pointed at the sky and said “Look!”

I looked. I’ll never forget that image. What a beautiful blue-skied day, those towers shining like crystal when I walked to class, and what a burning mess it was now. Debris and un-breathable air.

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Thinking Back on A Boss of My Boss

old-booksPaul, a man of few words, scared the hell out of me. He paid no attention during TIME company meetings, did not want to be directly involved with the client unless it was necessary, and if something went wrong, he screamed. He had a temper, a particular way of doing things that was correct and honorable, but with no guidance, hard for a newbie to grasp.

But, looking back, I think he saw something in me that the others didn’t have. Perhaps it was spunk. While he RARELY spoke to me, I do believe it was him who suggested that I take on a new position. It could just be that his guy was leaving and there was no one else internally who didn’t already have way too many projects. Or he thought I was capable of more than the office jargon. Or he just didn’t care—he was let go soon after and part of the gossip was that he had checked out long ago to focus on his book business.

You have your mentors and work enemies and people who really changed your career life. But what about those people that you never really spoke to or knew directly, but were still, in some weird way, influenced by?