Just Do It #8 2013

You should constantly update your playlist (running or otherwise), as the familiar does nothing for your self-improvement. These pop beats are getting me back into running-girl mode. The list consists of only 12 songs, so if you’re training for longer runs and need more music, my add-on strategy is to listen to albums meant to be played from start to finish. Think Led Zeppelin, God Street Wine, Jimi Hendrix—or even an entire opera.

Just Do It #8 2013

“Such Great Heights” ♦ The Postal Service
“Slow Down” ♦ Selena Gomez
“Off That” ♦ Jay Z feat. Drake
“Counting Stars” ♦ One Republic
“It’s My Party” ♦ Jessie J.
“Pass Me By” ♦ R5
“Gone, Gone, Gone” ♦ Phillip Phillips
“Elastic Heart” ♦ Sia
“True Love” ♦ Pink
“True Love Way” ♦ Kings of Leon
“Royals” ♦ Lorde
“Gaite Parisienne: Barcarolle” ♦ New York Philharmonic version


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