My Favorite Fall Trends

My favorite season is beginning to come to an end, but the month of November is still very much “fall,” so I want to take the time to appreciate what I’m into right now. 1. Orange lipstick. It looks surprisingly good on an array of complexions, as evidenced by the fall runway shows. 2. Coin […]

Just Do It #9 2013

You should constantly update your playlist (running or otherwise), as the familiar does nothing for your self-improvement. Here are some slower beats for November’s long chilly runs. Just Do It #9 2013 “Never Never ” ♦ SBTRKT “Brighter Than The Sun” ♦ Colbie Caillat “Monster” ♦ Rihanna feat. Eminem “No Man’s Woman” ♦ Sinéad O’Connor “Everybody” ♦ Ingrid Michaelson […]

Conversations: Eccentric People Make The World Go Round

There’s nothing like hanging out with you’re huge ecclectic and loving family when you’re kind of confused in your life. You don’t have to tell them anything. You just listen to their stories and learn. It’s the best feeling. Everyone may be alone in their own struggle, but we are not alone. And those in […]