If You Really Want The Answer, Be Prepared For The Answer


People hate me sometimes because when they ask my opinion about a personal matter of their own, I tell them what I believe is the truth, and they don’t want to hear it.

I get it. I don’t want to hear someone else’s take on my life situations, either. I’d prefer to live in a world of ignorance—the bliss of glitter and butterflies.

Here is the difference between you and me: I don’t ask you what you think about my life dilemmas unless I am prepared for honest (and perhaps hard-to-swallow) answers.

Don’t ask people to tell you their opinion if you aren’t ready to confront opposing and perhaps uncomfortable views.

If you want to confide in a friend to get something off your chest and are not soliciting judgment or advice, then you should preface your confession by saying you simply want a listening ear.

But if you ask for an opinion you are not ready to hear, that’s on you.

I tell people what I think when they ask. It’s usually not pretty and tied up with a bow, but hey, you asked me for my honesty. And if I lied, I would be doing you a disservice as a friend.

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