Flamingo Sleep


When I sleep like a flamingo, I wake up well-rested.

Lie on your back and  cross one leg over the other so it forms the number “4”. It opens up your back and hips. (Don’t do the whole tuck-in-your-head flamingo thing, just use them as a sleeping example for the legs.)

There is no scientific evidence behind this, but you should try it sometime if you feel like the quality of your sleep is compromised by your bed or pillows or positioning or whatever.

Thank me later,


Life is Messed Up


IMAG5221So I was like, ugh my life is so messed up. I’ve been going through crazy tough times, and I was laughing with my mom on the phone yesterday (finally, I truly laughed) and she says this and says write it down, that’s good. As if she or I haven’t had another million one-liners that aren’t, but we don’t record ourselves, and, as I need any light I can right now, I did write it down. Anyhoo, ate Chinese tonight. Surprise! I ate…Chinese. I hate fortune cookies but I had to crack one in my desperate state, and it said this. English aside…should I take it as a sign of something great, or just use it as a reminder to stop beating myself up so much because I am only beating myself? I think I have a good shot at a full night’s sleep tonight.

Just Do It #1 2014

You should constantly update your playlist (running or otherwise), as the familiar does nothing for your self-improvement. Here are some steady beats for winter’s chillier runs.

Just Do It #1 2014

“Provacative” ♦ Brit Smith
“A Million Lives” ♦  Jake Miller
“One Night” ♦ Matthew Koma
“Everything is Embarrassing” ♦ Sky Ferreira Ft. Blood Orange
“Rescue” ♦ Yuna
“Wear Me Out” ♦  Skylar Grey
“Bed Piece” ♦ Jhene Aiko
“Tennis Court” ♦ Lorde
“Sleigh Bells” ♦ Bitter Rivals
“24 Hours” ♦ Sky Ferreira
“Can You Do This?” ♦ Aloe Black
“Ride” ♦ Somo


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Just Do It #10 2013