Just Do It #1 2014

Posted on: January 5, 2014

You should constantly update your playlist (running or otherwise), as the familiar does nothing for your self-improvement. Here are some steady beats for winter’s chillier runs.

Just Do It #1 2014

“Provacative” ♦ Brit Smith
“A Million Lives” ♦  Jake Miller
“One Night” ♦ Matthew Koma
“Everything is Embarrassing” ♦ Sky Ferreira Ft. Blood Orange
“Rescue” ♦ Yuna
“Wear Me Out” ♦  Skylar Grey
“Bed Piece” ♦ Jhene Aiko
“Tennis Court” ♦ Lorde
“Sleigh Bells” ♦ Bitter Rivals
“24 Hours” ♦ Sky Ferreira
“Can You Do This?” ♦ Aloe Black
“Ride” ♦ Somo


Click below to see the previous playlist and find links to all previous playlists.

Just Do It #10 2013


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