25 Signs You’re Not Ready To Settle Down

delayed adulthood

After reading a very poorly executed article my brother shared on “the book,” I decided to take the concept and create a better list. I kept a few tidbits, but essentially rewrote the entire thing.

I present to you the G version of “25 Signs You’re Not Ready To Settle Down”:

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1. You have a problem with losing/breaking your phone on a bi-monthly basis.

2. You know what a savings account is, but you’ve never had one that lasted.

3. You have trouble focusing on other people for long periods of time. It’s all about you!

4. When an invitation for a Friday or Saturday night party has a start time of 7pm, or even worse, the invite lists an end time, you are confused as to what type of “party” it actually is.

5. You do not own a nice piece of furniture that you bought (new, not used) with your own money.

6. You still have incidences that require the morning-after pill.

7. You stalk your frenemies on facebook, hoping to validate your own self-worth.

8. You see the sun rise often on your way home to bed.

9. You struggle to make your rent payment every month, often having to miss out on social plans.

10. The person you’re crushing on changes on a daily or weekly basis.

11. You almost never wash your face/makeup off at night. Let alone brush your teeth. Heaven forbid you bother with those tasks.

12. You like babies and toddlers, but if you’re around a child too long, you feel uncomfortable.

13. You fear the day you are not carded.

14. You are overworked, underpaid, and quite confused about your future path.

15. You have no shame making out with randoms.

16. Brunch—or any meal out, for that matter—is not complete without alcohol. Why pay money to go to a restaurant just to eat?

17. You have several roommates and little closet space.

18.  You love dancing on tables and/or dropping it low.

19. You have crazy student loan debt and don’t have the faintest plan of how you will ever finish paying it off. But…for now…free money!

20. You are attracted to people that are terrible for you…because, hey, the sex is good.

21. You rely on your parents for free dinners, extra cash, and household supplies. That’s what they’re there for: Support.

22. You think about weddings in terms of the party, not the marriage that comes with it.

23. You take particular care when picking out outfits, because damn, you don’t want your social media followers to think you wear the same thing twice, ever.

24. You see friends “growing up,” as in getting engaged, moving in together, or having a baby out of wedlock (which often results in one of the previous two) and you immediately feel nauseous. Really, you are just sorry for them.

25. You think you know what mind-blowing sex is, but lucky for you, and this is the good news: You won’t know until you grow up and settle down—even if it’s just for a little bit 😉

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