The Questions Game, Part III

testHere are more questions from “The Questions Game,” back by popular demand. If you didn’t read Part I or Part 2here’s a quick recap of what this is all about:

I love Test For Friends, a game you can play on your phone. At first glance, it seems a dating app, but upon closer inspection, it serves as a great self-assessment tool. I game with randoms because it requires an android (I think) and barely anyone has those in my circle. It is that much fun.

A new batch I’ve come across follows. (Ignore the off wording; it’s from Denmark). It’s multiple choice and sometimes doesn’t offer the option you would choose, but it’s still eye-opening. I’m going to make this into a cocktail party card game and you are all invited!

♦Have you ever climbed a tree?

♦In a relationship, do you do the breaking up more often or are you the broken up with?

♦Your first thought when waking up: (a) Oh happy day! (b) Shut up, alarm clock!

♦Your best friend’s partner has been cheating, but your friend doesn’t know. Will you tell? (a) Yes, my friend needs to know (b) No, I keep my mouth shut.

♦Do you sometimes write letters by hand?

♦Do you have a sleep ritual that if you do don’t do, you can’ sleep?

♦On how many evenings of the week are you content about the way you passed the day?

♦Have you ever pretended that you didn’t get a text message?

♦A friend has forgotten your birthday. How do you react? (a) It can happen to anyone or (b) Get mad

♦Can your remember the names of everyone you’ve had sex with?

♦What would you do if your computer immediately stopped working? (a) Freak out (b) Immediately buy a new one (c) Take a deep breath. What about ALL OF THE ABOVE?

♦You twist your ankle just befor the end of a marathon, what do you do? (a) Health come first (b) Crawl to the finish

♦What sort of shoes for men do you prefer? (a) Sneakers (b) Leather Shoes

♦Graffiti is… (a) art (b) smirching (<—nice word, right?)

♦Would you plan the birthday month of your child?

♦When do you get a new phone? (a) when a new one comes out (b) when the old is broken

♦Is staying silent still lying?

♦What will you rather do when you retire? (a) Travel all around the world (b) Put my feet up

♦If your dreams could be filmed, would you watch them?

♦Do you still have a piece of clothing from your childhood?

♦Your future is: (a) a blank slate (b) a fulfillment of your plans

♦Do you think zodiac signs are significant? (a) yes, there’s something about them (b) no, they’re just a load of nonsense

♦New neighbors move in and ask if you can help carry in their boxes. Do you?

To Read Part 1, Click here.

To Read Part 2, Click here.

TEST FOR FRIENDS (click to check it out and download)


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