I Bask in the Sirens


Puppy misses her mother’s heartbeat. You give her a ticking clock.

Girl misses the city. You give her blaring sirens from police cars and ambulances 24/7.

Aural. Pleasure.



Two Times Around?

Too late - conceptual alarm clock showing that you are too lateI don’t know if I believe in second chances—they often are a waste of time that you should fill with cooler people you actually want to hang with. There are too many great, compatible people worth surrounding yourself with, why work on anyone who’s difficult? Life is too short.

Almost every man I’ve dated and been dropped by (or dropped myself) has come crawling back.

You had me. You lost me.

I never felt I owed anyone an explanation (except for that time I was cheating on my boyfriend because I fell in love with someone else).

I move quickly.

No need to respond to ghosts.

Single Bed, Part Deux


One of my favorite feelings is having my lover safe, sound and sleeping in my bed.

It is not his favorite feeling. I have a single bed and my boyfriend has long protested that choice. I get it. A single bed is supposed to be for one person. But I sleep on the edge so he has most of the space…

And full disclosure: I own a beautiful carved wood antique bed from the 1800s with the best queen mattress and sheets, but it’s so gorgeous, it needs a showroom, and for now I’m keeping it in its humidified storage. (High maintenance inanimate object.)

But, something happened. I was working an event. My boyfriend helped set up everything, transporting furniture in his commercial van. He did not tell me that he had an extra surprise in there. A bed. A full size. The death of my sanctuary. Then it was suddenly moved into my room, right past me through the door, by my roommate (traitor) and bf and as I stood in protest. My mom witnessed and said I was being ridiculous.

But why? What if I like a single bed?

Am I not allowed to make my own decisions in my own bedroom in my own adult life? I own this bedroom, I share it with no one and if I prefer a single bed, I certainly am allowed to have it. I wasn’t just insulted, but defeated.

I’m coping with the full bed. It’s basically just as small and therefore not worth the drama it brought, but sometimes, you just love what you have and don’t want to change it.