99 Problems, but the Truth ain’t one

Nothing is as cookie cutter as you try to make it look on your social media sites. And that’s okay. It’s so refreshing to find humans that actually speak the truth! I want to relate to you, not feel like I’m some dysfunctional alien (which I most definitely am regardless). We all have problems, and I find that […]

“I Think I Might Get Off Of Facebook”

We all know people who remove themselves from the site to eliminate distraction while studying for exams/ working on a difficult long-term project/ dealing with grief/ leading a shady life/ looking for a new job/ are just so over it. There are those that simply find other social media outlets more useful for their particular […]

That Night

There was a time 50 poems, a video game, a sense of home. The lighthouse After the night on the private beach After the drive through mountains and trees The morning sun. We were young We were “adventurous.” Waking naked covered in bug bites. Walking, wrinkled clothing, by the marathoners. Laughing atop the hill. The Windmill. Sunday in the Hamptons. […]