99 Problems, but the Truth ain’t one


Nothing is as cookie cutter as you try to make it look on your social media sites. And that’s okay. It’s so refreshing to find humans that actually speak the truth! I want to relate to you, not feel like I’m some dysfunctional alien (which I most definitely am regardless).

We all have problems, and I find that being an unfiltered open book about my life with my friends is refreshing and feels so much better than holding back and hiding things with a smile.

I grew up as a very private person and was taught to be mum, so perhaps I am rebelling. But seriously: You don’t have to put on a perfect face all of the time and pretend everything is all roses. Because it rarely is.

So perhaps your man was rude and you punched him in the chest, or you can’t get pregnant or he has a gambling, drinking or drug problem, or you do. Or you are doing all of the work in the relationship/in the house/for the child. Or you can’t agree on the simplest things like how the toilet paper roll should hang or bigger things like familial backgrounds that clash. Or you have fantasies about other people. Guess what? We are all human. You are not alone.

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